Game Freak Inc.(JP)(CN) is a video game developer based in Japan. They are responsible for creating the Pokémon video game series; the games in the series have sold over 300 million copies in total.[1] Game Freak jointly owns The Pokémon Company alongside Nintendo and Creatures.


Game Freak was originally a self-published gaming magazine created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori in the 1980s. Tajiri wrote and edited the text and Sugimori illustrated. Tajiri also used "Game Freak" as his pen name when he wrote as a freelance writer for magazines like Family Computer Magazine and Famicom Tsūshin. On April 26, 1989, Tajiri and Sugimori started a video game development company with the same name.

When Tajiri first pitched the idea of what would become Pokémon to Nintendo, they could not grasp its concept, but were impressed enough with Tajiri's game design reputation that they decided to explore it. Shigeru Miyamoto guided Tajiri during the creation process. The first set of Pokémon games took six years to produce, and their production put a lot of finanial strain on Game Freak. Five employees quit and Tajiri did not take a salary, instead living off of his father's income. Additional funds from Creatures allowed Game Freak to complete the games and in return, Creatures received one-third of the Pokémon franchise rights. Between the approval and completion stages of the first set of Pokémon games, Game Freak got involved in the development of two Nintendo games: Yoshi and Mario & Wario.

In 2012, Game Freak started to let newcomers pitch new game ideas. They dubbed it the "Gear Project" with the first one being HarmoKnight.

In 2015, they purchased mobile game developer Koa Games. In February 2020, they moved into a larger office called Kanda Square. This building now holds Nintendo's Tokyo teams, HAL Laboratory and 1-Up Studio.

Games developed by Game Freak

Title Format Release date
Mendel Palace NES 1989-06-27June 27, 1989
Smart Ball SNES 1991-09-13September 13, 1991
Yoshi NES 1991-12-14December 14, 1991
Yoshi Game Boy 1991-12-14December 14, 1991
Mario & Wario Super Famicom 1993-08-27August 27, 1993
Nontan to Issho! Kuru-Kuru Puzzle Game Boy 1994-04-28April 28, 1994
Nontan no Issho: Kuru Kuru Puzzle Super Famicom 1994-11-25November 25, 1994
Pokémon Red and Green Game Boy 1996-02-27February 27, 1996
Pokemon Blue Game Boy 1996-10-15October 15, 1996
Bushi Seiryūden: Futari no YūshaSuper Famicom1997-01-17January 17, 1997
Game Boy CameraGame Boy1998-02-21February 21, 1998
Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu EditionGame Boy1998-09-12September 12, 1998
Pokémon Gold and SilverGame Boy Color1999-11-21November 21, 1999
Pokémon CrystalGame Boy Color2000-12-14December 14, 2000
Pokémon Ruby and SapphireGame Boy Advance2002-11-21November 21, 2002
Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreenGame Boy Advance2004-01-29January 29, 2004
Pokémon EmeraldGame Boy Advance2004-09-16September 16, 2004
Drill DozerGame Boy Advance2005-09-22September 22, 2005
Pokémon Diamond and PearlNintendo DS2006-09-28September 28, 2006
PulsemanMega Drive (VC)2007-04-24April 24, 2007
Pokémon PlatinumNintendo DS2008-09-13September 13, 2008
Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilverNintendo DS2009-09-12September 12, 2009
Pokémon Black and WhiteNintendo DS2010-09-18September 18, 2010
Pokémon Black and White 2Nintendo DS2012-06-23June 23, 2012
HarmoKnightNintendo 3DS2012-09-05September 5, 2012
Pocket Card JockeyNintendo 3DS2013-07-31July 31, 2013
Pokémon X and YNintendo 3DS2013-10-12October 12, 2013
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha SapphireNintendo 3DS2014-11-21November 21, 2014
Pokémon Sun and Moon Nintendo 3DS November 18, 2016
Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Nintendo 3DS November 17, 2017
Pokémon Quest Nintendo Switch/ Mobile May 29, 2018
Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! Nintendo Switch November 16, 2018
Giga Wrecker Alt. Nintendo Switch April 12, 2019
Little Town Hero Nintendo Switch October 16, 2019
Pokémon Sword and Shield Nintendo Switch November 15, 2019
Pokémon Home Nintendo Switch/ Mobile February 12, 2020


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