The Game Boy Light is the second and final revision of the original Game Boy exclusive to Japan. Released on 14 April 1998, it was the first Game Boy to include an electroluminescent backlit screen and the only such console until a backlit version of the Game Boy Advance SP was released in 2005. It is also the final Game Boy to have a contrast dial and a monochromatic screen.

The Game Boy Light kept the form factor of the Game Boy Pocket, albeit taller and with a larger "hump" battery compartment redesigned to take two AA batteries (the Pocket took two AAA batteries). The most probable reason for the switch to AA batteries was to power the backlight, however, it could also be justified by the extra battery life that AA batteries provide over AAAs.

At launch, the Game Boy Light was only available in gold and silver, but was later made available in translucent yellow (Toys "R" Us), translucent red (Tezuka Osamu World Shop), and transparent (Astro Boy & Famitsu) as special, limited editions. A very limited "Pikachu" version model was later released at Pokémon Center Tokyo for a very limited time and an estimated 1,000 of these units were produced according to Nintendo. These special/limited editions are highly valued, especially in mint condition.

The Game Boy Light was succeeded just half a year later by the Game Boy Color released in October 1998.

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