The Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter is a Game Boy Advance accessory that enabled connection between multiple Game Boy Advance like Game Boy Advance Link Cable without a wire. It is compatible with both the base model and the Game Boy Advance SP, but the Game Boy Micro requires a separate accessory. The accessory was packed in with Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen as well as sold separately.


The Wireless Adapter attaches over the top of the Game Boy Advance or the hinge of the the Game Boy Advance SP similar to the Game Boy Advance to Nintendo GameCube Link Cable. The device connects to other Game Boy Advances with Wireless Adapters in compatible games. The device only has an optimal range of 10 feet and is not backwards compatible with older multiplayer, but depending on the game, up to 40 people can connect to each other. The device is compatible with the Mystery Gift function in Pokémon games.

The adapter also has a search feature to find other Wireless Adapter. It is activated when there is no cartridge in the slot or by pressing both Start and Select on boot up. This will continually search for games that are being played nearby.

List of Compatible games

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