The Game Boy Advance SP is an updated version of the Game Boy Advance, released in 2003 featuring a front-lit screen and a clamshell design similar to the Nintendo DS. It was later re-released in September 2005 with a brighter, back-lit screen. The updated version is the third Nintendo handheld to have a back-lit screen, after the Nintendo DS in 2004, and the Game Boy Light in 1998.

System sales ended in 2008.


The Game Boy Advance SP had many new features from the original Game Boy Advance. The most notable feature is the front-lit screen (backlit in a later model) that the Game Boy Advance was criticized for not having. The Game Boy Advance SP is also the first handheld system to have a clamshell design and a rechargeable battery. Like the original Game Boy Advance, the Game Boy Advance SP supports Game Boy and Game Boy Color. It is also the last Game Boy to support Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. On the left side of the console, there is a slider for the volume. On the right side of the console is the power switch, and the power and charging lights. On the top are ports for charging and accessories (like the link cable). The back covers the battery, and contains the serial number. Inside, there is a floating directional pad, two face buttons (A and B), Start and Select buttons, as well as a brightness button, the speaker, and the lights. On the top, there is also two shoulder buttons (L and R). The only feature removed from the original Game Boy Advance was the headphone jack on the back, but a Headphone Adapter and special Game Boy Advance SP Headphones were sold.


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