Game & Watch Gallery 3 (known as Game Boy Gallery 3 in Japan, and Game Boy Gallery 4 in Australia) is the fourth game in the Game Boy Gallery/Game & Watch Gallery series. It features classic Game & Watch Games, both the old version, and new Mario remakes of the game. Along with that, they also have an Easy and Hard option for each game as well. In the gallery, it shows hints, music and more.


Just like the previous game, Game & Watch Gallery 3 has many unlockables. These are unlocked by stars, which are gained by getting 200 points in each game. Gaetting 1000 points in each of the non-unlockable games gives you five stars, as well as Star Mode for the Modern Games.

Unlockable Games

  • Flagman
  • Judge
  • Lion
  • Spitball Sparky
  • Donkey Kong II

Unlockable Buildings

These can be found in the Gallery Corner:

  • Music Room
  • Museum
  • Gift
  • Secrets 1
  • Secrets 2