Game & Watch Gallery (known as Game Boy Gallery in Japan, and Game Boy Gallery 2 in Australia) is a Compilation Game for the Game Boy featuring four classic Game & Watch games with both the original and a remake with Mario characters and themes. The games include Manhole, Oil Panic, Octopus, and Fire.


  • Mr. Game & Watch - Mr. Game & Watch appears in every game, but only in the classic version.
  • Mario - Mario appears in all of the games.
  • Yoshi - Yoshi appears in Manhole, Oil Panic, and Fire.
  • Toad - Toad appears in Manhole and Fire.
  • Donkey Kong Jr. - DK Jr. appears in Manhole, Fire, and Oil Panic.
  • Luigi - Luigi appears in Fire and Oil Panic.
  • Princess Peach - Peach appears in Fire and Octopus.
  • Bowser - Bowser appears as the boss in Oil Panic.


As aforementioned, there are four games in all, each with two variations, including the original and an updated one featuring any of the characters mentioned above.

  • Manhole - The player must cover the manholes before the people fall through.
  • Fire - The player must catch people jumping out of a burning building and get them to an ambulance.
  • Octopus - The player has to go down a rope underwater, get sunken treasure, and climb back up without the octopus catching them.
  • Oil Panic - The player has to catch oil from a leaking pipe at a gas station and put into an oil drum.