Game & Watch Collection is a Nintendo DS game released initially in 2006 in Japan, and in 2008 in America and Australia. The game was made available only through Club Nintendo, where gamers could register stars or coins depending on the region by purchasing Nintendo games. They could then spend those points on various different items, this game being one of them. It was among the first items made available in the North American Club Nintendo system when it opened up in December 2008. At 800 stars it was the most expensive product along with Nintendo Hanafuda cards.

Game & Watch Collection features three Game & Watch titles, all of which were part of the Multi Screen series when they were initially released in the eighties. The Multi Screen Game & Watch units greatly resembled the Nintendo DS as they both had two screens (though the Game & Watch games didn't feature a touch screen). The games included were Donkey Kong, Green House, and Oil Panic. All of the features present in the original, including different difficulty settings, a clock and an alarm for the clock, were present in this game.


  • Manhole-e for the e-Reader was originally going to be part of a series titled Game & Watch Collection. After the unit was released, however, Manhole-e became the only game that bared the title, not really making it a collection at all but rather a single title.
  • A sequel was recently released in the American regions under the title of Game & Watch Collection 2.