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GameStop is the world's largest video game retailer that carries video games on all the old and current platforms.

Nintendo Products Offered/Carried

Game Stop buys back most of the current systems' games and accessories, however the store does phase out buying back components from older systems due to obsolescence.

Nintendo Entertainment System - 1991-2003, 2017-Present (Limited)
Game Boy - 1991-2005, 2017-Present (Limited)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System - 1991-2003, 2017-Present (Limited)
Virtual Boy - 1996-1997
Nintendo 64 - 1996-2003, 2017-Present (Limited)
Game Boy Color - 1998-2005, 2017-Present (Limited)
Game Boy Advance - 2001-04/03/2011, 2017-Present (Limited)
Nintendo GameCube - 2001-04/01/2012, 2017-Present (Limited)
Nintendo DS - 2004–Present
Wii - 2006–Present
Nintendo 3DS - 2011–Present
Wii U - 2012-Present
Nintendo Switch - 2017-Present

Companies Merged

GameStop acquired several other companies due to merging.

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