Galoombas are a sub-species of Goombas introduced in Super Mario World, although they had the same English name as Goombas until their reappearance in Super Mario 3D World.


Super Mario World

Galoombas behave similarly to Goombas, but unlike them, Galoombas can't be killed with a single jump; instead, the first jump will flip them over and make them immobile. While they are flipped over, Mario can pick them up and throw them as projectiles against other enemies. Running into them while they're flipped over will make Mario kick them around. They will right themselves a few seconds after being flipped over, which will damage Mario if it happens while he's holding one. A spin-jump, a Fireball, or Yoshi's tongue will defeat them instantly. They can also be flipped over by a Cape swing.

Super Mario 3D World

In Super Mario 3D World, they will attempt to chase players upon seeing them. They cannot be kicked around or picked up like in Super Mario World, as coming into contact with them while they're flipped over will defeat them. Also, a second jump can be used to defeat them after flipping them over in this game


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