Galleom is a boss that appears in the game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Galleom is a purple skinned monster in a robotic form. Galleom is first fought by Meta Knight, Marth, and Ike. After the battle, Galleom then takes a huge and lands near to where Wario was turned into a trophy. However, the floor breaks from the impact of the landing and Galleom falls into The Ruined Hall. Galleom then sees Lucas and Pokémon Trainer, and fights them. After the second battle Galleom grabs Lucas and Pokémon Trainer and opens his cranium, revealing a Subspace Bomb. He launches into the air with them only having 15 seconds left.

Lucas uses PK Thunder to break off Galleom's arm, and frees them. Right before they land, they are saved by Meta Knight. Galleom, however, meets his end with an explosion. Later though, players must fight him again in The Great Maze. Although he was fought two times in the game, players only need to fight him once in the Great Maze.

In Boss Battle mode, Galleom is also only faced once but he alternates backgrounds between runs of the mode.


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An enormous, transforming robot and Subspace Army warmonger. Galleom is characterized by various attack threats, including jump stomps, beefy arm bludgeonings, and even missiles fired from its back. It also has a Subspace Bomb set in its head, which it can use in times of desperation to blow itself up and drag the player into the darkness of Subspace. It's one tough robot!

Galleom (Tank Form)

Galleom with its arms and legs neatly compacted into tank form. In this form, it can get around the combat field at high speed. It can quickly change into humanoid form to take advantage of awesome combat capabilities. Its last defense and most threatening trait is a built- in Subspace Bomb. In tank form, Galleom can still attack with body slams and missiles. It never runs.


  • Galleom is not the first boss to fall through the top of a tall, circular building. In Super Mario Sunshine, the boss Petey Piranha causes the roof of the windmill which he is sitting on to crumble and collapse. Petey is then fought inside the windmill, much like Galleom is battle after falling into The Ruined Hall.
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