Galle ​is an enemy character from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. He is the lover of Melady and the mentor of her younger brother, Zeiss. Despite his prominence as an enemy, he is not necessarily evil.


Galle was born in Etruria, but he later joined the army in Bern and rose in rank as one of its most skilled generals. Due to his skill, he was supposed to become the third Dragon General of Bern. However, Narcian put forth the complaint that Galle was not even a native of Bern and effectively swiped the position for himself. He is not bitter about this and continues to serve Zephiel faithfully. Before Narcian is dishonorably demoted and killed, Galle serves as Murdock's lieutenant, and becomes the third Dragon General afterwards. In Chapter 21, he appears with a squad of Wyvern Riders to aid Murdock in fighting against Roy's army, but ultimately dies in battle.

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