Galeforce is a skill in the Fire Emblem series introduced in Fire Emblem Awakening. It lets the user act again after defeating an enemy. It is learned by Dark Fliers.


The skill activates whenever a character with Galeforce defeats an enemy, allowing the user to act again. However, the skill only acts once per unit per turn. If two units in a Pair Up have Galeforce, it is possible trigger the skill twice, resulting in 3 actions in a turn. The skill is normally female-exclusive but, the male children call have if it was the last skill of their mother.

In Fates, the skill was revamped to prevent it being too powerful like in Awakening. Now, the skill will not activate if the unit is paired up. If a unit with Galeforce uses Replicate, both the original and the replica can use the skill independently of each other.

Fire Emblem Heroes

In Fire Emblem Heroes, Galeforce is a 5-star exclusive Special skill. It will activate when the unit initiates an attack and give the unit another action but, it is restricted to once per turn. It has a 5 turn cooldown and 500 SP cost. It requires the user to learn Astra first, and it can be learned only by Sword, Lance, and Axe users.


The skill is learned by Dark Fliers at level 15 in Awakening and at level 35 in Fates. Additionally, the following Einherjars know it

Fire Emblem Heroes

It is exclusively a 5 star skill


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