Galeem known as, Kiira (キーラ) in Japan, is one of the two main antagonists of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Adventure Mode: World of Light. He is described as "Lord of Light" and the "ultimate enemy" in the World of Light, and seeks to create a new world of light. His opponent and dark counterpart is Dharkon.


Prior to the events of the mode, Galeem attacks the fighters, commanding an army of Master Hands. He uses his light attack to destroy and imprison all fighters except for Kirby, in addition to turning most non-playable characters into spirits; his attack engulfs the entire galaxy in a burst of light, leaving the world a barren wasteland inhabited by hostile puppet fighters cloned from the fighters imprisoned by Galeem. After Galeem's first defeat, Dharkon appears along with his army of Crazy Hands, driving Galeem away. Galeem later returns when Dharkon is defeated and flees into a dark portal. In the final world, Galeem wages war with Dharkon, while also seeking to destroy the fighters. If only Dharkon is defeated, Galeem destroys Dharkon's army and strike him, killing him by engulf the world in light, resulting in one of two bad endings. The True ending can be obtained by defeating both Galeem and Dharkon. Despite their status as gods, Galeem and Dharkon are finally defeated by the fighters and explodes.


  • Galeem earned his English name from "gleam".
    • Galeem's Japanese name, Kīra, is a pun on the Japanese "Kira kira" (a shining onomatopoeia.)