Galeem known as, Kiira (キーラ) in Japan, is one of the two main antagonists of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Adventure Mode: World of Light. He is described as "Lord of Light" and the "ultimate enemy" in the World of Light, and seeks to create a new world of light. His opponent and dark counterpart is Dharkon.


Prior to the events of the mode, Galeem attacks the fighters, commanding an army of Master Hands. He uses his light attack to brutally slaughter and imprison all fighters except for Kirby (who uses his warp star to warp), in addition to turning most non-playable characters into spirits; his attack engulfs the entire galaxy in a burst of light, to the point where there's NOTHING LEFT; commiting such genocide, Thus leaving the world a barren wasteland of death inhabited by hostile puppet fighters cloned from the fighters imprisoned by Galeem. After Galeem's first defeat, Dharkon appears along with his army of Crazy Hands, driving Galeem away. Galeem later returns when Dharkon is defeated and flees into a dark portal. In the final world, Galeem wages war with Dharkon, while also seeking to destroy the fighters. If only Dharkon is defeated, Galeem destroys Dharkon's army and strike him, killing him by engulf the world in light, resulting in one of two bad endings. The True ending can be obtained by defeating both Galeem and Dharkon. Despite their status as gods, Galeem and Dharkon are finally killed by the fighters and explode, restoring the universe back to normal and all the souls go home, leaving Galeem and Dharkon no more.


Galeem is fought at the end of the World of Light. Although he is a large target, he can only be damaged if his core is struck. Hitting his wings won't damage Galeem.

  • Cross Bomb: Galeem creates three to six small objects that explode in plus-shaped beams of light like X-Bombs do. These can be destroyed before their detonation to stop the attack (1 hit point per bomb). After he loses half his total stamina, he often creates more.
  • Drill Pierce: Galeem turns his wings into drill-like objects which slam through the ground. The wings will meteor their target if that target is airborne. During his second phase, four drill-wings will be produced and slam their target, each one coming down twice.
  • Heat Seeker: Galeem fires a single projectile that strongly homes in on the player, eventually detonating in a large explosion if it something.
  • Laser Net: A crisscrossing mass of small purple lines will appear on the screen, marking the path of power laser beams. The lasers deal heavy damage to their target but can be avoided with extremely precise positioning to stay in the gaps between the beams. Galeem uses this attack twice when he is at low health.
  • Lens Flare: Galeem releases orbs that explode, producing shockwaves like Tabuu's Off Wave attack does. The orbs will appear at random places on the stage and their entrance silences the background music for a second. The shockwaves cannot be shielded and their target can suffer an OHKO if he or she does not dodge. This is only used when Galeem is at low health.
  • Mirror Image: Galeem vanishes and his wings expand, producing two to three False Characters to summon him. These characters will explode after a certain amount of time and their explosions can inflict damage. This is only used in his second phase.
  • Optic Orb: Galeem produces a large sphere of light, which breaks into four to six smaller spheres that home in on wherever the player is. The spheres increase their number when he is in his second phase.
  • Radiant Photonic Wave: Galeem covers the two sides of the screen with wave-shaped lines of light. The lines will rapidly damage their victim but a shifting gap exists between them.
  • Tri-Eye Attack: Galeem splits his core into three spheres of light, which fire a barrage of smaller projectiles which can be reflected back at him.

When Dharkon Is Present

  • Mirror Duel: Galeem and Dharkon vanish, each leaving a single False Character behind to fight their opponents. The False Characters can also fight each other, and their blast can damage a bystander.
  • Dual Photonic Wave: Galeem covers the top of the screen with a radiant photonic wave and Dharkon covers the bottom with a necrotic photonic wave.
  • Single Radiant Photonic Wave: If Dharkon is stunned, Galeem covers the top of the screen with a radiant photonic wave, but not the bottom.
  • Piercing Beam: If Dharkon is stunned, Galeem turns his wings into a spear and thrusts the spear through Dharkon's core. Dharkon will then reform his body. Galeem will also damage players that stand too close to him or Dharkon.
  • Single Drill Pierce: During the climbing segment, Galeem drives his wings through the stage, dismantling the platforms.
  • Sneaking Up: Galeem moseys on into the screen, surrounded by two rotating circular objects that deal damage. Damaging his core enough causes him to retreat.
  • Mirror Image: At the stops in the climb, Galeem and Dharkon will summon their respective False Characters to deal with the player.


  • Galeem earned his English name from "gleam".
    • Galeem's Japanese name, Kīra, is a pun on the Japanese "Kira kira" (a shining onomatopoeia.)
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