Gage is a CO in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin from Lazuria.


Gage says very little, preferring to let bullets do the talking. He demonstrates the stereotypical cold sniper character well, his cool-headed and logical demeanour contrasting with Zadia's fiery and more emotional personality. Primarily, Gage's focus is his duty and he does not allow himself to be controlled by emotions, considering feelings like fear, rage and hatred 'mere distractions for a true soldier'. This professionalism is displayed during Chapter 19, where Gage assumes command against the crazed civilian force worshipping 'The Worm'. He realises that Will and other members of the 12th Battalion may have worries about firing on civilians, regardless of circumstances, while he does not consider it anything other than doing his duty to the 12th Battalion. Gage does not seem to handle many situations outside military life very well. He is rather relucatant to help Tasha in her Tactics Corner, and is shown in the ending having great difficulty milking cows.

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