Gael'gar is a High Entia of impure blood that serves as a secondary antagonist of the Future Connected epilogue of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. Gael'gar is a former member of the imperial guard who suffered discrimination from pure-blooded High Entia. Due to this, once the pure blooded High Entia are turned into Telethia by Zanza, he sees it as a divine sign to create a new age for his race.


Gael'gar is stated to have suffered heavily for most of his life in Alcamoth were he was discriminated for his mixed blood, like it often happened in High Entia society. Gael'gar eventually engaged into Alcamoth's imperial guard as a member of the personal protection division. When Zanza awakened and turned all of the pure blooded High Entia into Telethia, Gael'gar survived due to his mixed blood. Once Zanza was defeated by the party, Gael'gar interpreted it as a divine sign that High Entia of mixed blood were choosen to become the future of their race.

After Shulk recreate the world, Gael'gar ends up on the floating shoulder of the Bionis like a good amount of the imperial guard. There, Maxis and his followers tried to retake the capital who stayed next to the Bionis' Shoulder. Due to the Fog King appearing inside the capital, the group inevitably fails at retaking it. The High Entia guards eventually have an argument with the inhabitants of Gran Dell over their insistance on continuing attacking the Fog King despite how foolish it seems.

The guards split off from the inhabitants of Gran Dell and form the Companion on the opposite side of the shoulder. Gael'gar was amongst those who followed Maxis to the camp. One year after Zanza's defeat, Shulk, melia, Kino, and Nene arrives at the shoulder and stumble upon the companions. After learning of the situation from Maxis, they are approached by Gael'gar who is the only one who recognize Melia as the empress due to his obsession with mixed blood. He begins to talk to her about the sins of the pure blooded High Entia and how Melia represents the future of their species. The party finds his ideas distasful and leave after he tell them how to get into the capital. Gael'gar decides to stalk Melia and help her in the shadows while the party is unaware of his presence.

After failing to defeat the Fog King and saving Teelan from the capital, Gael'gar follows them and discover that Teelan is working on a way to bring back the pure blooded High Entia from their Telethia form. Interpreting the widening of the rift that gaves the Fog King his power as a proof of their blasphemy to his future, Gael'gar takes advantage of the chaos created by the Fog King's mass possession of monsters from all over the shoulder to attack Teelan's lab with some Andos. Melia arrives to defend Teelan and Tyrea from him and after realizing that Melia defend the memory of their ancestors, he reject her and swear to become her replacment in his new world.

Gael'gar is defeated for the first time and take advantage of the explosion of the lab to take Teelan hostage and try to kill him to guarantee the impossibility of the return of the pure blooded High Entia. He is disarmed by a Telethia who is recognized as his own mother by Teelan. Gael'gar is forced to retreat while being chased by the Telethia.

After the Companions return to Gran Dell, Gael'gar sends a latter to Melia asking to speak with her. This is a ruse as he attempts to kill the "blood traitor" in a desperate attempt to fulfill his dream. He is shocked that he was defeated despite his convictions and even as Melia offers him mercy while accusing him of being like those he despise, he jumps off the shoulder to his presumed death.



Gael'gar is first fought as a level 70 Boss at Teelan's Laboratory on the Bionis' Shoulder. He is accompagnied by two Andos named the Agressor Andos and the Defendor Andos.


Resentful Gael'gar

Gael'gar's second battle occurs during the "The Fallen" quest where he is fought alone at level 76 atop the Companion's Forum on the Bionis' Shoulder.


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