Ga Jiarg, or Prince Jiarg to his subjects, is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles X. He is a Wrothian prince that has only the good of his people in mind and that is willing to do everything for their sake. He, Ga Buidhe and other Wrothians serve as the first part of the boss of Chapter 9. His Skell is the Vasara.


Before meeting the party

He is first seen speaking to Luxaar along with his companion Ga Buidhe where it is shown that even if they work with the Ganglion, they are likely forced to do so. He and his Wrothian warriors are then seen retrieving the Vita from New Los Angeles.

Chapter 9

During Chapter 9, the Prince and his subjects laid a trap for Elma's team but when they are captured, he prefer to let them fight for their freedom in order to keep his honor. Once defeated he will fight the party in his Vasara and let them use their Skell. After his second defeat he will realise that he never wanted to be reduced to one of the Ganglion's pawn and will let the party leave but not without telling them that the Ganglion's Stronghold is located in Cauldros.

Leaving the Ganglion

Ga Jiarg will soon inform an infuriated Luxaar that their deal is off. The Prince will then choose to turn himself and his subjects into a race of mercenaries.

In-game description

"A fierce warrior who wields both sword and Skell with stunning mastery. Adverse to underhanded tactics, he craves a fair and honest fight above all else."


Ga Jiarg's Holofigure can be obtained after defeating him during Chapter 9, or received as a reward after completing the A Challenger Approaches.

Holofigure description

Ga Jiarg holofigure.

Display it with a holofigure projector to liven up the BLADE Barracks.


Level 34
EXP 842
HP 97,057
Melee Attack 411
Melee Accuracy 187
Ranged Attack 392
Ranged Accuracy 182
Potential 392
Evasion 97
Ground Detection N/A
Skell Detection N/A


Item Part Type Rarity
Ga Jiarg (Holofigure) Body Holofigure Intergalactic


  • Both the name Jiarg and the Japanese name Derugu are similar to dearg, the Irish and Scottish Gaelic words for red.
  • Since the event of the game take place in 2056, it means that he is born on 2026.
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