The GLOMAR Oil Rig is a location in Conduit 2. It's where Michael Ford first makes contact with the Leviathan creature.


Having escaped the Trust Base, Michael Ford exits the conduit to find himself on a GLOMAR Oil Rig off the coast of Florida in the Bermuda Triangle. With Prometheus' help, he discovers it's the temporary base of operations for John Adams.

Adams escapes through a conduit leaving the Leviathan creature to destroy the oil rig. Prometheus believes that the creature is Ford's ticket off the rig. After attracting the Leviathan with the All-Seeing Eye, Ford attempts to harpoon the creature. ("Trust Platform")

He harpoons it successfully, attempting to "reel it in". But just when Ford thinks it's defeated, the Leviathan snaps at him and swallows Ford whole. ("Leviathan")



The term "GLOMAR" could refer to a few different things in the real-world, all of which would fit with the oil rig in the game:

  • Global Marine Inc. - a drilling contractor now known as GlobalSantaFe Corporation
  • Glomar Challenger - a drilling ship
  • USNS Glomar Explorer - a salvage vessel
  • "Glomar response" - a "neither confirm nor deny" response used in national security

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