Future Tactics: The Uprising is an RPG for the Nintendo GameCube that, while not entirely successful critically, does have its fair share of fans. The game stars Low who is ready to take revenge on aliens who have taken over Earth, killing many of its inhabitants including his father (while the former may seem more drastic than the latter, Low's fathers' death is his primary reason for him getting revenge). Low quickly finds that the aliens are capable of regenerating, and plans to fully obliterate them and their antagonistic plans.


The game is a turn based RPG. You'll be given access to a variety of weapons such as blasters and ballistic weapons as well. Because of the immense variety in terrain, you'll be required to chose your weapons wisely, which will often determine if you're successful or not.

One of the unique aspects of Uprising is the fact that nearly every object in the game can be destroyed, not just the enemies. This can also be critical in combat, as blowing something up can uncover an enemy though also give them access to you as well.

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