Funke is a capturable boss character from Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation routes. A burglar who breaks into the houses of the wealthy, Funke launches an attack on Corrin's army in Paralogue 9.


Funke appears in Paralogue 9, where he admonishes Asugi for refusing to assist him on a mission to raid a wealthy manor, treating his defiance as an act of treachery. Midway through their conversation, Funke and Asugi stumble upon Saizo and Subaki, both of whom had entered Asugi's Deeprealm with Corrin's army to check on Asugi's training progress. Saizo, upon overhearing the exchange, promptly begins interrogating his son on his association with thievery and his adoption of a different name. Funke, upon realising Saizo's identity as Asugi's father, attempts to convince Asugi to get Saizo and the Avatar's army to assist him on his raiding mission. This causes the argument between the father and son to escalate, to the point where Asugi leaves in affront. Funke is in turn prompted to adopt a hostile stance against Saizo and Corrin's army for driving away his "best associate". A battle thereafter ensues, one that sees Funke failing to administer his intended punishment as he is defeated, either slain or captured by Corrin's army.

Funke also appears as a potential visitor in the DLC episode Museum Melee.