Frye Christoph ​is a playable character in Xenoblade Chronicles X. He is an Interceptor and a member of the private military organization BLADE. He is Phog's older brother. He likes to take on missions that most operatives bend over backwards to avoid. This daring trait has earned him the unusual nickname of the "Killer Ostrich".


Frye is a rough, foul-mouthed man who enjoys challenging himself by taking on difficult BLADE tasks. He is also a huge party animal, frequently found drinking alcohol, and though he often acts insouciant, Frye is actually a sensitive person with a complicated history. He has a complex relationship with his younger brother, Phog, as a result of their father sacrificing his place on the White Whale to save another, younger individual. Frye could not accept his father's decision and resented Phog for doing so, blinded by his anguish and love for his father. It is only later that the brothers begin to reconstruct their relationship and become close again, and it is during that time that Frye realizes that Phog is only trying to respect his father and spare himself despair by moving on. After beginning to understand each others' feelings a little more, it is shown that the two still care deeply for each other.

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