Fruit (Game & Wario)

Fruit is a multiplayer mode in Game & Wario where the team of investigators try to find the thief who is stealing the fruit. It is hosted by Penny.


The mode can be played in 2 to 5 players with the gamepad player acting as the thief who is trying to steal all the pieces of fruit around the stage. Meanwhile, the other players are watching the main screen which displays the entire stage and are trying to identify which character was the thief. The thief has to either take all the fruit or let time run out for the portion to end. While the thief is out on the stage, he can use the environment to his advantage. Hiding behind the bus or smoke or in a huge crowd can confuse the investigators. Once the main portion ends, the investigator each take the gamepad to guess who the thief was.


  • Apple Avenue
  • Pineapple Pool
  • Melon Museum
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