Frosty, the Snow Spirit.

Frosty is one of the six snow spirits in the DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games on Adventure Tour mode. Out of all the snow spirits, Frosty has the most positive energy. He is always thinking of ways to help and never gives up. Frosty is the source of all snow in the town called Frostown, until Bowser melted all the snow and Dr. Eggman used his newest machine to trap the snow spirits. The two villains then revealed that they had teamed up and had decided to hold their own olympic winter games. Frosty managed to escape the trap, but his friends weren't as lucky. Frosty made it snow again in Frostown, then went to look for help, when he found Mario and Sonic on their way to watch the games. Frosty then told the two heroes what happened and asked for their help. They both agreed, and eventually saved all of his friends. After freeing the last trapped spirit, Blizza, Bowser and Eggman managed to trap Frosty while no one was watching, then escaped to Blizzland. Mario and Sonic finally cornered Dry Bowser, who was guarding Frosty. After defeating Dry Bowser, Blizza freed Frosty. They then went on and defeated Bowser and Eggman, returning everything to normal. Frosty, along with the other snow spirits, had to say good-bye to their new friends, then returned to the sky.
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