Frost Taluses are a type of Talus, large Golem-like creatures that serves as Bosses in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are composed of rocks coated with a layer of ice, which allow them to freeze everything that gets near them.


The Frost Taluses are maily found in very cold and snowy areas like the Hebra Mountains of the Hebra region or the pics of the Gerudo Highlands in the Gerudo. Frost Taluses usually hide themselves as rubble until Link gets too close to them. They will then form into the imposing creature they are known to be. Like most other Taluses, their weak point is the node they have on the back and damage done to any other part of their body will not affect them at all. To reach the node, Link must use his Remote Bombs to blow up one of the Frost Talus' arm, which will cause him to fall over and be climable. Link must bypass its freezing ability, however. To do that, Link has two options. The first one is to use fire based weapons to momentarilly destroy their coat of ice, allowing Link to climb its body. Link can also ignore the coat of ice if he is wearing a Snowquill Set that has been twice enhanced by a Great Fairy. They mainly attack by throwing their arms at you or slamming their body into the ground while Link is around their feet. They can also regrow their arms by using rocks once they throw them. The Frost Talus can drop various Materials, mostly Flint, Sapphire, Opal and Diamonds. It has 800 health.


Hyrule Compendium Entry


"This enormous monster is naturally camouflaged as a frozen rock formation. Neither sword nor arrow can pierce its frigid form. Merely touching its frosty body can leave you with severe frostbite, but you may be able to scale it if you use something to thaw its icy exterior."

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