Frost is a character in the Fire Emblem series. He appears in BS Fire Emblem: Archanean War Chronicles and Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem.


War of Shadows

When King Michalis of Macedon declared war against Archanea, Frost was one of the many men conscripted into the army. As an accomplished priest, Frost was assigned to Princess Minerva's army which was invading Aurelis. When a group of angry deserters abandoned the Macedon army, their leader Ruben captured Frost and took him to their fortress. After a lengthy debate, Ruben discovered that Frost was dedicated family man, and used the lives of Frost's family to secure his support. 

A short time later, Princess Minerva and Duke Hardin of Aurelis engaged Ruben in battle at the fortress. Minerva recognized Frost, and promised to protect his family from the rebels. After Ruben was defeated, Minerva granted Frost a discharge, and he returned to his family in Macedon.

War of Heroes

Years later, Frost was involved in war once again when General Rucke led a coup against the newly crowned Queen Minerva. As the battle waged, Frost kept his family safe, and waited for order to be restored to Macedon. When he discovered that Prince Marth of Altea had defeated Rucke, he left home to offer Marth his support. As an old man however he had difficulty keeping pace with the Alteans, and lost track of them before he could join the army. 

After Marth had defeated the Gra army, Frost had finally managed to make his presence known to the Alteans. Frost thanked the soldiers for saving his nation, and pledged to support them with all his might. Over the course of the war, Frost befriended the rugged mercenary Dice and his daughter Malice. When the war ended, Frost returned to his home and spent all his time with his family.

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