Frontier Village is the main Nopon settlement in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is set inside the biggest tree of Makna Forest, this tree is said to be the oldest in the forest. The village is also the home of the ruler of the Nopons, Chief Dunga as well as Riki's home.


After meeting up with Melia, the party enter Frontier Village with the hopes of being allowed by Dunga to go to Eryth Sea which is located above the tree and can only be accessed with the chief consent.

Dunga is an old friend of Melia's and queries about her quest in the region. After a brief argument with Shulk, Melia storms off.

Later, Melia is found at the topmost area of Frontier Village. She continues to insist she needs no help defeating and slaying the Telethia that has escaped from the upper regions. Chief Dunga suggests she accept the help from her new friends, to which Melia reluctantly agrees.

Chief Dunga requests that their finest warrior go with the group to help insure their safety. When the group arrive at the Sacred Altar, Chief Dunga introduces them to this year's legendary Heropon, Riki.

After defeating the Leone Telethia the group is conducted to the Apex Lake and transported to the Eryth Sea.


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Name Requirement
At the Pollen Works Shulk and Riki - Green Affinity
Reawakened Memories Fiora and Sharla - Cloudy Affinity
A Day Like Any Other Fiora and Melia - Cloudy Affinity
Life's Hard for a Heropon Riki and Dunban - Heart affinity
True Natures Dunban and Melia - Green Affinity
A Mysterious Sanctuary Riki and Melia - Green Affinity

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