Fred ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is a knight of the Schutaeze family in Friege who serves as Olwen's deputy. He is described as a surprisingly ordinary man.


Fred makes his first appearance alongside Olwen when they arrive at Noel Canyon on surveillance duty. During their time there, the two of them briefly fight against Leif's army, despite being unable to identify it. He and Olwen eventually leave to request reinforcements from Kempf. However, Kempf provokes Olwen into attacking him and takes her as a hostage against Fred, forcing him to fight against Leif's group. After Kempf's escape from Dandrum Fortress, Fred enters the dungeon to rescue Olwen, and the two join up with Leif's army. After the war, he returns to Friege and marries Olwen, although he is often teased for being older than she is.

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