The Franklin Badge, as it appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

The Franklin Badge is an important item from the Mother/EarthBound series, capable of reflecting enemies' lightning attacks. Unlike other equippable items, the Franklin Badge only needs to be in a character's bag to work. The badge has appeared in all games from the series. As the description in Mother says, it received its name because it is said Benjamin Franklin used it for experiments.


In Mother, one Franklin Badge is obtained from Pippi early in the game, while a second one is found in Duncan's factory. Even though its description in the game explains it reflects lightning, it is actually restricted to PK Beam γ, used by the Starman Jr. from the Podunk zoo, and other enemies like the Megaborg. Notably, it will not even reflect any form of PK Thunder.


In EarthBound, the Franklin badge appears once again as an item that reflects attacks from its carrier. The badge is obtained from Paula, who gives it to Ness while she's captured in a jail by the Happy Happy Cult. The badge is useful in defeating the cult's leader Mr. Carpainter, but can reflect any lightning attack or PSI Thunder from other enemies in the game. Only one Franklin badge is found in this game, unlike its prequel.

Mother 3

During Chapter 7 in Mother 3, the gravedigger Nippolyte gives Lucas an item called the Courage Badge. After he pulls the fourth Needle, a Mr. Saturn appears, offering him to polish the badge. Before pulling the sixth Needle, the same Mr. Saturn comes with the badge, now discovered to be a Franklin Badge. Coincidentally, it is soon when Lucas's party must face The Masked Man, who constantly uses lightning attacks. It is also important at the end of the story, because it is the only thing that can damage him when fighting Lucas since the beginning of the battle, and also reflects his final attack, which results in his death.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The Franklin Badge is an item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It was announced on August 10, 2007. Characters who wear this badge are protected from projectiles as long as they have it. Because of its size, it's difficult to notice if a player is wearing it. On the other hand, it is also difficult to notice when it has disappeared.

Trophy description

"A badge you can put on to gain the ability to reflect all projectiles. It has exactly the same effect as other reflectors in the game, like the one Fox uses. In Mother, it was used to deflect PK Beam when fighting Starman Jr. In Earthbound, it was used to counter Thunder attacks. The lightning bolt on the badge is proof of its capacity. Its importance and usefulness made a deep impression on players."

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