Frank Fly is the name of a boss character from the SNES game EarthBound. He is one of the first two bosses in the game (the other being Frankystein Mark II).


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Frankystein Mark II

Frank is the leader of a gang in Onett known as the Sharks. They constantly cause many problems in that fair town, and the mayor B.H. Pirkle feels stressed because of them. In order for Ness to get to Giant Step, the first of the "Your Sanctuary" locations, he must get a key, which Mayor Pirkle has, but will only give once the Sharks are dealt with. Frank waits behind the Onett arcade, where the Sharks make their headquarters. Once Ness reaches him, he'll have to fight an defeat him. Once defeated, Frank attacks Ness with a robot he called the Frankystein Mark II; and, after Ness destroys it, Frank admits defeat. Anytime after that, Ness can talk to Frank again and he'll offer to let him rest, revitalizing him just like sleeping home or in a hotel.

Frank Fly (+) Max HP: 63 - Max PP: 0 - Offense: 12 - Defense: 17 - Speed: 7 - Guts: 5 - Exp.: 50 - Money: $48 - No chance of getting an item

Frankystein Mark II (+) Max HP: 91 - Max PP: 0 - Offense: 15 - Defense: 18 - Speed: 4 - Guts: 0 - Exp.: 76 - Money: $31 - No chance of getting an item

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