A list of quotes Francis says in Super Paper Mario for the Wii.


  • "H-Hey! What are you doing sneaking into my room, huh? Ever heard of p-privacy?"
  • "O-O-Oh... O-Oh my gosh... It's... It's a h-hot babe..."
  • "Wha-What do I... Oh man... A REAL girl in my room! This is so hi-technicaaaal! N-Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr... down... I'm get-get-get-get... Getting w-way too excited... Sweatles...forming... Can't talk to...girls... Must"


  • "Booting up Swoon.exe! Activating Nerr2Babe interface mod with real-time wooing!"
  • "Welcome to my castle. How do you do? ...Nerrr.""
  • "Nerrherr... I boot this baby up whenever it's time to talk to the...heh...laaadies. Schweeeeet. Time for my Swoon.exe program to work its magic! (Where should I start?)"
  • "You're so a princess straight out of an anime or video game! You can be feisty, but I must say it...umm...adds to your charm." (talking to Peach)
  • "(Nerr herr... She's supercute when she gets angry...)"
  • "You really like it? I knew a hottie like you would pick up on how premium this poster is. I got this baby at a totally hi-technical 'Pink Princess' anime event. I was going to get a CD, but I freaked when I saw this super-rare poster! The voice actor for the princess AND the director signed it, as you can see. As I'm quite sure you know, the director changed after season three, so it's rare. Plus, look here! The logo was done in extra-premium gold holographic foil! And the paper, oh man, it's UV resistant! So you never have to worry about fading. I could stick it on some backing board for you. How's that sound?" (if Peach says thanks for the present)
  • "Wow, we are like, so perfect for each other. It's destiny! We should get married!" (to Peach)

Back in room

  • "That was the only known copy for the Nerr2Babe patch, and now it's gone forever! Nerrr... Real babes are scary!"
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