Fossil Fighter: Frontier (Fossil Fighters: Infinite Gear in Japan) is the 3rd entry in the Fossil Fighters series and the first for the Nintendo 3DS. It has also launched with a companion manga going weekly in Corocoro magazine. It was announced for localization on Jun 11, 2014 during E3 2014.


The gameplay is like previous entries where the player collects fossils of Vivosaurs and revive them to do battle. The more pieces of them you collect can be added to the vivosaur and made stronger. Unfortunately, ocean and mammalian vivosaurs have been removed. The new gimmick is the Fossilmobile, a vehicle for traversing the land to collect Fossils that are customizable and equipped with guns to handle dinosaurs.


This game was first announced exclusively in Japan during a Nintendo Direct on December 18, 2013. The release date was also announced then.

Localization of this game was announced subtly at E3 2014. The release date was later announced in January 2015


On the first week, it sold 60,216 copies according to Famitsu. This is the best first week sales of any entry of in the series. It also received a 33/40 from Famitsu.


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Nintendo 3DS - Fossil Fighters Frontier E3 2014 Trailer

Nintendo 3DS - Fossil Fighters Frontier E3 2014 Trailer

E3 2014 trailer
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