Fortune Street (JP) is video game released for Wii in late 2011. It is the sequel to the 2007 Nintendo DS game Itadaki Street DS and the first Itadaki Street title that was released outside of Japan.

This game was able to be played over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection; however, the service was terminated on May 20, 2014, making this game no longer playable online. Also, mainly due to this game's Wi-Fi compatibilities, it is impossible to transfer the save data to an SD Card.


Fortune Street's gameplay is similar to the board game Monopoly, except it has a feature called the Stock Market, which behaves like the real stock market. Instead of going in a linear path, the various boards are split into districts and there are 4 Suit Spaces where collecting them and going back to the bank will result in a promotion and income with it being determined by the amount of stocks the player has and how many properties the player owns on top of how many times they've been promoted. Buying stocks tend to increase a districts' stock price as well as investing in the properties with the opposite usually dropping the stock price. Having stocks in a district gives the player a commission on all sales as a piece of 10% extra proportional to the amount of stocks in the district versus the player owns in the district. It has several difficulty settings. In easy mode, the stock market feature is disabled.

On top of the property spaces, there are a number of spaces. The start space is called the Bank Space. Here the players can get their promotion and invest in stocks and landing on this space lets the player choose their direction on their next turn. Some boards have Investment Bank spaces which allow the player to invest in stocks but only that. There are Moon Spaces which close a player's properties for a turn. There are Boom spaces and Big Boom spaces that gives a 10% and 50% commission on all sales until the next turn. Landing on a Suit Space or a Chance space gives the player a chance on the event board. Each space has different reward and the board gives bonuses for more spaces chosen in a row. The arcade space lets the player play a game for a reward. There are 5 games that rotate in order (excluding events).

Arcade Games

Round The Blocks: Players will have a 3x3 grid to try and line up 3 like symbols in a row. You can either win free stocks, 50G per level, 500G per level, a suit yourself card or be warped.

Memory Block: 6 Question Mark Blocks will appear, and the player has to try and remember which blocks don't have the Bowser symbol. Prizes won include: Increasing all your shops by 10%, 10G per level, 5 stocks in a district and a suit yourself card. The Bowser blocks will decrease all your shops by 5%.

Dart of Gold:


Mario Series



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Donkey Kong

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Princess Daisy

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Bowser Jr.

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Unlockable Characters

Princess Peach

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Other Translations

Language / Region: Translates to:
Spanish (NOE) Fortune District
French Race for fortune
German Streets of Fortune
Italian The Fortune Street
Portuguese Wealth Street