Forsythe ​is a CO in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin and leader of Lazuria.


He is an honorable enemy, often claming : "I am a soldier, not a killer." He is known as the "Hero of the Darrett" after he repelled a Rubinelle attack on the Lazurian Army headquarters 20 years before the events of Days of Ruin.

In dialogue, it is explicitly stated that Forsythe was called out of retirement to defend Lazuria from Greyfield's aggression.

The Rubinelle commander he defeated was the father of Captain Brenner, so it is fitting that Forsythe is defeated by Brenner.

Caulder offered some of his horrible weapons to Forsythe. However, Forsythe does not give in to Caulder's offer.

At the end of Chapter 14 A Hero's Farewell defeating Forsythe, the entire army surrenders by his command. It appears that the war between the Lazurians and Rubinelle have ended. He decides to take the blame for the war that has occurred in exchange for Brenner to he spares his people. Unfortunately, due to Greyfield's rise to power, his sight to execute those who oppose him has led him to defy Brenner's promise to Forsythe. Under the orders of Greyfield, He is executed by Waylon. His death has led to various confusion and a split between the 12th Battalion and the New Rubinelle Army.

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