Forget Me Not is a minigame that can be played in the Flipside Arcade in Super Paper Mario for 10 Flipside Tokens.


The game is very similar to Concentration as the player needs to match 2 of the same card, each round always starts with every card facing upwards so the player has an idea where all the cards are, cards then move around the make the game harder.

Sometimes when the player flips a card a Mega Star will appear and makes all the cards flips up and flips down so the player knowns better where all the cards are.

Sometimes a Mushroom will come out of a card and give the player 3000 points.


The cards feature characters from Super Paper Mario for the player to memorize, they are:


In every minigame in Super Paper Mario there are set scores by other characters that the player is challenged to beat, for Forget Me Not they are:

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