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The Forest Temple is a dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It is an abandoned castle, located deep within the Lost Woods, in a location known as the Sacred Forest Meadow. Long abandoned by it's original inhabitants, the forest is slowly overtaking the structure and forest monsters such as Wolfos, Skulltula and Deku Baba now roam the hallways. Deeper inside, the place takes on a decidedly haunted tone as ghosts and undead lurk, waiting for unwary adventurers to stumble into their clutches.

After Link pulls the Master Sword from it's stone and becomes an adult, he returns to his home in Kokiri Forest, only to find monsters have invaded and driven the Kokiri away. His childhood friend Saria, sensing an evil force emanating form the Temple, has entered it to try to help her people.

Since the original stairway leading up to the dungeon has collapsed, the only way Link will be able to enter the dungeon is with the Hookshot on a nearby tree branch. Before entering the temple the player will have to fight two Wolfos. Inside is a complicated labyrinth of puzzles and enemies that contain the famous twisted tunnel that alters the players position depending on if it's twisted or not. And ghostly Wallmaster hands that descend from the ceiling to grab Link and return him to the dungeon's entrance.

Inside the main lobby, the four Poe Sisters will steal the magical flames that power the elevator to the basement. Link will have to track down and destroy the Poe Sisters to restore the elevator's flames. The sisters hide in paintings and will jump to another painting if Link get's too close. Once he obtains the dungeon item, the Fairy Bow, he will be able to snipe the sisters at a distance before they become aware of him. In the dungeon's basement, the boss Phantom Ganon, awaits.


Some say that long ago the Kokiri lived in this castle (it has been proven that it is a castle by looking at it from the outside) long ago seeing how close it is to the Kokiri Village and even more so the Lost Woods. It is also speculated that the Forbidden Woods in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, is in fact the Forest Temple with a different layout.

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