The Forest Maze is a large area of forest surrounding the Reptite Lair in 65,000,000 B.C. in Chrono Trigger.

The Forest Maze is located in the southwestern portion of the continent of the World Map. The Mystic Mountains are located to the west and Ioka Village is located to the north.


Footsteps! Follow!

In order to reach the Reptite Lair, Crono's party must first pass through the Forest Maze. Near the entrance to the Maze, they find Kino. Kino admits stealing the Gate Key from them because he was jealous of Crono. He thought Ayla liked Crono more than him. After an apology, Kino says the Reptites took the Gate Key from him.

Sending Kino back to Ioka Village, Crono and his party travel through the Forest Maze and enter the Reptite Lair.


There are no specific locations within the Forest Maze.

People and Enemies

The following is a list of important people and enemies the player will encounter.

People Enemies


Gold Eaglet
Winged Ape

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