Foreman Spike, known as Blackey (ブラッキー, Burakkī) in Japan, is an enemy and the main antagonist in the NES game Wrecking Crew during both regular gameplay and bonus levels. He appears again in Wrecking Crew '98, where he was hired by Bowser to build him a new castle. Foreman Spike also appears as an unlockable character in the Game Boy Color game, Mobile Golf.

Connections to other characters

He's depicted as an obese, bearded and corrupt construction worker, whose face is obscured by his sunglasses. He is believed to be an early prototype of Wario. In that same sense, there are many connections between Foreman Spike and Waluigi:

  • Foreman Spike and Waluigi have similar noses and moustaches in Wrecking Crew '98.
  • The Gold Mantis, which resembles a standard backhoe, is one of the thirty-six karts in Mario Kart DS, as one of Waluigi's karts.
  • In Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, the tune used in a dance-off with Waluigi is a remix of the Bonus Stage music from Wrecking Crew.


  • Foreman Spike shares his Japanese name ブラッキー Burakkī as the Pokémon, Umbreon.


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