Forde is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He is a cavalier in Ephraim's service whose skill in battle is only matched by his remarkable laziness; he tends to be the first to opt out of Ephraim's risky plans and is known to fall asleep in battle. However, Forde claims this is merely a plot to lure foes within range. He has gone so far as to equip his horse so that he can fall asleep in the saddle without falling over. He often banters with his companion Kyle, the more level-headed one of the pair, who calls him out on how lazy he is. He is among the knights that included himself, Kyle and Orson when they and Ephraim were caught at Renvall.

Forde is also the elder brother of Franz, and is a rather accomplished painter in his spare time. When Forde was young, he won a sword contest and his mother was happy, not for his contest, but for the painting he had made for her early that day. She kept it with her even when she died, it was only then that Forde took the painting back. He hung it in his house as a reminder of how he must continue to make people happy, not with his sword, but with his brush.

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