The Fog King is the name given to the extradimensional entity that serves as the final boss of Future Connected, the epilogue of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. It is an immaterial being that came through a dimensional rift in the new world Shulk created after defeating Zanza. It immediatly became a threat to this world as it started to take over animals and attacked the High Entia as soon as it appeared.


The Fog King came into the new world through a dimensional rift that opened after Zanza's defeat. Shulk theorize that this rift exists because the world is still new and thus prone to spacial mistakes like these. The Fog king appeared into Alcamoth on the Bionis' Shoulder and immediatly started to attack the remaining High Entia half breeds living there. Tyrea participated in the chaotic evacuation of the capital but many still perished. After they managed to escape, Tyrea sealed the Fog King in the upper regions of the capital but it soon appeared that it had no effect since it could move freely across the capital since it is not tied down by a material body. However, the refugees soon realized that the Fog King could not follow them outside the capital due to an unexpected event. The Telethia were drawn towards the rift and caused the creation of a large Ether field around the capital, which prevented the Fog King from leaving or from spreading its influence further.

Following the evacuation, Maxis and his companions tried to fight the Fog King multiple times to retake the capital but it failed miserably due to the Fog King's immunity to most attacks. Eventually, the companions got into a fight with Radzam over their total carelessness and the companions left their base at Gran Dell to form a new camp away from the other races leaving on the shoulder. When Shulk, Melia, Kino, and Nene go visit the shoulder with the Junks, they are shot down by a burst of energy coming from the rift. After wandering around for a bit, they learn of the Fog King from Maxis. They decide to go check him up despite the old High Entia's warnings. When they enter the capital, they find Teelan being attacked by a Fogbeast under the king's control. Once they defeat it the king appears and they are unable to damage him whatsoever. He starts to use the portal to shoot a laser similar to the one that took down the Junks, confirming that it was his doing. The party is forced to escape the capital with Teelan. They then encounter Tyrea who takes care of Teelan since they escaped the capital. She tells them of Radzam, who as been working with Teelan to find a way to get rid of the Fog King.

The group heads to Gran Dell were they learn from the man about the ether field. They agree to bring back Teelan's notes to him but on the way there, they witness the widening of the rift and they are suddently attacked by Fogbeasts outside the capital. This means that the Fog king's strenght is tied to the rift and that as it expand, the Fog King will be able to break free of the ether field entirely and ravage the new world. The party hurry to Teelan's house, where they have to confront Gael'gar, a delusional High Entia knight who hates pure breeds and wants to have them remain as Telethia. The party manage to save the book containing the source material on which Teelan based his research after Gael'gar sets fire to the rest. With the notes, Shulk figures that he could upgrade the Monado Replica EX to create a field in which the Fog King would be vulnerable to conventional attacks. The party then go to find some high quality ether crystals to realize this upgrade.

When they return, they see the town attacked by a Mammut Fogbeast. They defeat it but they are afraid that the Fog King would take advantage of their outing at the capital to decimate the town, so they decide to go and convince the companions to return to Gran Dell. Tyrea defends the main gate of the city from attacks with some of the Homs army in the mean time. They reach the companions as they are also attacked by one of the Fog king's minions. They convince him to go back to Gran Dell and face the treat together with the other races. They arrive as Tyrea was finally overwhelmed after facing vagues of Fogbeasts. The army defeats them and then Shulk can upgrade the Monado Replica EX before leaving for the capital. Tyrea gives them the key she used to seal the upper levels of the capital as she suspect that the Fog King could be hidding there. Upon reaching the villa, they find the Fog King and are able to damage its body thanks to Shulk's field. After destroying it, they encounter a new problem. The Fog King is tied to the rift and even if its body can be destroyed, it can simply reform as long as the rift exists. They fight him a second time in a new enraged form but are unable to do much as Shulk state that closing the rift is the only solution. At this moment, the Telethia starts to throw themselves into the rift, showing a level of free will that was originally thought to be lost after their transformation. The ether explosions that result of the collisions destabilize the portal and Melia is able to destroy the portal with a single focust burst of ether, which erase the Fog king.


The Fog King is fought twice in succession at the Imperial Villa of Alcamoth during the main story of Future Connected. Its first phase is at level 76 and the second at level 78. It can also summon two Fog Knights, which are at level 75. One of the harder aspects of the battle is the Fog King's insane topple arts, which can be negated with topple resist Gems




  • The Fog King has some ressemblance to other concepts from the rest of the Xeno metaseries. The most obvious is it's similarity to Guldos from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in term of appearance, which would indicate that the Fog King was a Human at some point.
    • This is supported by a second influence, the Gnosis from Xenosaga. The Gnosis are human souls that manifest as extradimensional monsters that are immune to most damage except for when they are exposed to a specific field. This fits the Fog King incredibly well.
    • The third influence would be the Tainted from Xenoblade Chronicles X. The Tainted are creatures infected by a virus that drives them to attack and corrupt every other life they encounter. The Tainted are similar in appearance and concept to the Fogbeasts the Fog King controls.