Fluzzard is the big red bird.

Fluzzard is a tropical bird-like character that appears in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. He appears in two galaxies, which are the Wild Glide Galaxy, and the Fleet Glide Galaxy. He has the same role in both galaxies, where Mario must help him feel more comfortable about flying by grabbing onto his legs and gliding with him through various obstacles. In both galaxies, you must collect the first Power Star to receive invitations to a race from Mailtoad. To get the Power Stars, you will have to win a race with some birds called Jibberjays. The controls are simple: to fly to the right, tilt the Wii Remote to the right, to fly to the left, tilt the remote to the left. To fly slower, tilt the remote up, and to fly down and go faster, tilt the remote down.

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