Floaroma Town is located in the Sinnoh region. There are no Pokémon here, and only a few buildings (five to be exact). The most notable of these buildings is the Flower Shop where you can buy neat accessories such as flowers and so forth. You'll also find plenty of berries too, and patches where you can plant more. As you can obviously see when you enter the town, it's filled with gardens and gardens of flowers.

In the upper left corner there is an entrance to Floaroma Meadow, the bottom right goes to Route 205, and the bottom goes to Route 204.

Places of interest

Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop

Floaroma Meadow

Contest Hall

Important residents


There are a few free items that the citizens of the town will present to you. In the house to the right of the flower shop you'll find a young girl who'll give you TM88 (Pluck) if you respond "Yes" to her question. In the Flower Shop, one of the ladies will give you a free Sprayduck, which is used to water flowers. Also in the shop is a person who will give you a free berry.

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