Flip Wars (JP) is a competitive multiplayer puzzle-action game for the Nintendo Switch developed by Over Fence and published overseas by Nintendo. Player compete to try and flip the most tiles.


The game is playable up to 4 players locally or online with the option of computer players. Players can flip tiles by hip dropping on top of them with an initial range of two tiles and the ability to shift one tile from where they jumped. Similar to Bomberman, flipping reveals power-ups which can be used to power up the player, speeding them or extending their range. Players move faster on their color and slow to a crawl when they are not. Opposing players get launched off the stage when the tile they are standing gets flipped. There are various gimmicks which can also send players off the stage


  • Panel Battle - Most panels of the player's color
  • Life Battle - Last one standing
  • Knock Out Battle - Most opponents knocked out


Each stage have several variations

  • Green Stages - No field hazards
  • Blue Stage - Periodic waves hit the stage which stuns the player
  • Yellow Stage - Electricity


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