FlingSmash (JP) (known during development as Span Smasher) is a 2010 action game developed by Artoon and published by Nintendo. The game follows Zip, a floating ball, and is describe to combine the fun of tennis and nonstop action of pinball.

The game was additionally bundled with a black Wii Remote in North America, and a pink remote in Japan as illustrated in the box arts on the right. The game has been specifically designed for making use of the Wii MotionPlus's capabilities, and such device is required to play it - hence its inclusion in the bundles.


Suthon Island is threatened by Omminus, who intends to steal the power of the island's Great Palm Tree. He causes the tree to wilt and the King's daughter to fall ill. The King calls upon the power of the ancient hero, who was locked away in a chest. When he opens it, it turns out to be Zip, who awakens and tries to defeat Omminus and his minions. Pip, from the nearby Easton Island, comes over to Suthon Island to help Zip out.


  • Collecting three coins a section will get you a pearl. You need three before you can move on to the boss stage.
  • Zip and Pip gain different abilities and characteristics including becoming huge, splitting into multiple balls and turning into metal.
  • If remained idle too long, Zip will be eaten by a multi-headed dragon.
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