The Flame Feeder is a titanic monster called a Fire Jelly who serves as a Monster. He made his debut in Tourist Trap, interrupting the Dream Land Sightseeing Tour. Fire Jellies take their nourishment from fire but can be destroyed by the cold, whose respective copy ability, Ice, Kirby uses to fight the Flame Feeder.


The Flame Feeder is at first seen as a pearly orb with a small flame. King Dedede drops him into a volcano. Once he gets his nourishment from the lava, the Flame Feeder emerges as a giant Fire Jelly. Kirby at first uses the Fire copy ability to stop the Flame Feeder's rampage, but this fails badly. Tiff and Meta Knight suggest ice. Because of the ice hitting his body, the Flame Feeder starts freezing to death. His body fragments into ice cubes as the ice blasts engulf and kill him. Because of this, King Dedede finds his tourist business ruined: the Nightmare Enterprises Customer Service rates Cappy Town as an abysmal place for tourism.


  • The Flame Feeder is one of the few monsters who does not explode.
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