Flamberge also known as the Blazing General is one of the three Jambastion Mages who landed on Planet Popstar in search for the Jamba Heart. She is part of a group of four mages led by Hyness that have for goal the resurrection of Void Termina, an ancient being revered as a god by the mages. Her associated element is fire.


Kirby meet her for the first time inside the Jambastion where she is defeated second. She is furious with Kirby for having defeated Francisca. She is encountered a second time way later on a volcanic planet, where she challenge Kirby once more.

During his fight against Hyness, Kirby knocks off his hood, which enrage the mage who summons the three generals and absorb most of their life force to restore his health. After his defeat, Hyness sacrifice the three generals and himself to complete the ritual and bring back Void Termina. During the second phase of the fight against Void Termina, the four mages can be seen inside cocoons and once Kirby destroyed the outer shell of the core she is ejected along with Kirby and the three other mages.


Star Allies pause screen (First fight)

"One of the three Jambastion mages, the Blazing General Flamberge rains fiery vengeance upon who stand in her way. She gets pretty mad if anyone does anything to upset Francisca. In fact, she's kind of riled up right now..."

Star Allies pause screen (second fight)

"She's supposed to be looking for dark hearts, but Flamberge has found her way to a nice, toasty spot and is taking a bit of a break. She's like to invite Francisca to join her but worries she might melt in the heat..."

Star Allies pause screen (The Ultimate Choice)

"In spite of all, we sing to you!
Please hear our pleas and help us too!
In spite of all, sadness rose!
In spite of all, yearning grows!

We call to you! We dream of you!
In spite of all, this all is true!"


  • A "flamberge" is a flame shaped type of sword that was used during the early Renaissance. The sword she use in battle is also supposed to be a flamberge.
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