A Flagpole in 1-1 of Super Mario Bros.

Flagpoles are tall flags that appear in most of the Super Mario Bros. games. They first appeared in Super Mario Bros., where they would mark the ending of the level. After reaching one, Mario would run into a castle.

Flagpoles could either have a picture of Bowser on them, or a picture of a skull on them. Also they could come in different colors, black being the most popular. Some come in red, and when a player reaches those, a secret level is unlocked. If a player happens to jump before touching the flag, and manages to reach the top, they will earn a 1-up.

In Super Mario Bros. and some other early Mario games with flagpoles, there is a glitch where the player will be able to jump over the flagpole. After doing so, the player will run across an endless landscape after he/she passes the castle. Also when a giant Mario or Luigi reaches the flagpole in New Super Mario Bros., the flagpole will break and after it does so, Mario or Luigi will shrink back to normal size and go inside the castle.

Other Appearances

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