Flaahgra is a plant-like creature from the Metroid series that serves as an early boss in Metroid Prime. Before being defeated by Samus Aran, it rested on Tallon IV, and was mutated by the effects of the powerful Phazon. The Phazon caused it to rapidly grow, and obtains it's needed energy through photosynthesis, like most other plants.


To defeat it, Samus needed to shoot the mirrors that were giving the plant solar energy so that it would miss the plant. Once you start to shoot down the mirrors, the plant will oftentimes shrink, giving you access to go into morph ball form and bomb the plant - though you'll have to do it four times to completely defeat it, each time harder than the last.

Once you defeat Flaahgra, you'll obtain the Varia Suit, which is required to explore areas with a fiery environment.


Logbook entry

"Flaahgra's growth cycle has been radically accelerated. As a result, it requires near-constant exposure to solar energy to remain active. This exposure has made Flaahgra's outer shell thick and durable. Concentrated weapon fire can daze it for short periods, but its lower root system is unprotected and vulnerable, however. Exploit this flaw when possible."

Related Chozo Lore

"The cries of this dying land echo in our ears as we Chozo watch the Great Poison seep ever further into the living pulse of the planet. The dark energy sinks into the trees and waters, devouring all life. Peaceful beasts die by the thousands - some creatures survive, but their forms grow as twisted and evil as the force that fell from the sky. Many of these mutated monstrosities remain small enough to do little harm, but others grow enormous and threaten our very existence. One such beast defiles our sacred fountain, disgorging poison from its foul form, replacing pure, flowing water with cascades of creeping death. Even in the face of such horror, we Chozo do not turn in fear. We are all that stands in the way of this Great Poison, and it is our duty to contain it."


  • Flaahgra may have originally been a large Bloodflower before it was heavily mutated by Phazon, due to the similarities the boss shares with it, specifically Flaahgra's base resembling a Bloodflower, both plants having tentacle-like roots, and the fact that both spew toxic orbs.
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