Fishing Star World Tour is a fishing game released for the Nintendo Switch. It has 40 different locations and 180 different species of fish. The retail version was published by Aksys Games. The game is compatible with the Fishing Rod Toy-Con.


The game is relatively simple to play. The player chooses a location and one of the rods and tackles. At the spot, the character doesn't move, but can send out the line to catch the fish. Once the fish is on the line, the player can reel it in, but the will need to align their rod so, the line doesn't break but still pull it in. There are chance circles which can move the fish much closer without adding tension. Once it reaches the area close to the player, the fish will be caught and graded on its species, weight and length. This will be added to the Fish Book as well if it is new or a record. Locations are unlocked depending on the number of fish species reeled in.



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