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== Items ==
=== Badges ===
<gallery captionalign="center">
FEH Scarlet Badge.png|[[Scarlet Badge]]
FEH Azure Badge.png|[[Azure Badge]]
FEH Verdant Badge.png|[[Verdant Badge]]
FEH Transparent Badge.png|[[Transparent Badge]]
=== Great Badges ===
<gallery captionalign="center">
FEH Great Scarlet Badge.png|[[Great Scarlet Badge]]
FEH Great Azure Badge.png|[[Great Azure Badge]]
FEH Great Verdant Badge.png|[[Great Verdant Badge]]
FEH Great Transparent Badge.png|[[Great Transparent Badge]]
=== Shards ===
<gallery captionalign="center">
FEH Scarlet Shard.png|[[Scarlet Shard]]
FEH Azure Shard.png|[[Azure Shard]]
FEH Verdant Shard.png|[[Verdant Shard]]
FEH Transparent Shard.png|[[Transparent Shard]]
FEH Universal Shard.png|[[Universal Shard]]
=== Crystals ===
<gallery captionalign="center">
FEH Scarlet Crystal.png|[[Scarlet Crystal]]
FEH Azure Crystal.png|[[Azure Crystal]]
FEH Verdant Crystal.png|[[Verdant Crystal]]
FEH Transparent Crystal.png|[[Transparent Crystal]]
FEH Universal Crystal.png|[[Universal Crystal]]
=== [[Arena Assault]] ===
<gallery captionalign="center">
FEH Elixir.png|[[Elixir]]
FEH Fortifying Horn.png|[[Fortifying Horn]]
FEH Special Blade.png|[[Special Blade]]
FEH Infantry Boots.png|[[Infantry Boots]]
FEH Naga's Tear.png|[[Naga's Tear]]
FEH Dancer's Veil.png|[[Dancer's Veil]]
FEH Lightning Charm.png|[[Lightning Charm]]
FEH Panic Charm.png|[[Panic Charm]]
FEH Fear Charm.png|[[Fear Charm]]
FEH Pressure Charm.png|[[Pressure Charm]]
=== [[Weapon Refinery]] ===
<gallery captionalign="center">
FEH Refining Stone.png|[[Refining Stone]]
FEH Divine Dew.png|[[Divine Dew]]
FEH Arena Medal.png|[[Arena Medal]]
=== [[Confer Blessing|Blessings]] ===
<gallery captionalign="center">
FEH Fire Blessing.png|[[Fire Blessing]]
FEH Water Blessing.png|[[Water Blessing]]
FEH Wind Blessing.png|[[Wind Blessing]]
FEH Earth Blessing.png|[[Earth Blessing]]
=== Other ===
<gallery captionalign="center">
FEH Orb.png|[[Orb]]
FEH Hero Feather.png|[[Hero Feather]]
FEH Scared Coin.png|[[Sacred Coin]]
FEH Stamina Potion.png|[[Stamina Potion]]
FEH Dueling Crest.png|[[Dueling Crest]]
FEH Light's Blessing.png|[[Light's Blessing]]
FEH Battle Flag.png|[[Voting Gauntlet|Battle Flag]]
== Skills ==
=== Weapons ===
==== Red ====
===== Swords =====
<gallery captionalign="center">
Is feh alondite.png|[[Alondite]]
Is feh amiti.png|[[Amiti]]
== Miscellaneous ==
== Miscellaneous ==

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