Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (JP) is the eighth installment in the Fire Emblem series, the second to be released internationally, and the final released for the Game Boy Advance.

In late 2011The Sacred Stones was given a free limited reissue to early adopters of the Nintendo 3DS, under the 3DS Ambassador Program.

As with the other Game Boy Advance titles reissued under the program, Nintendo initially stated that there weren't any plans to give them a wider release as a full Virtual Console set of titles. The game was, however, released for the Wii U's Virtual Console, in Japan in 2014, and internationally in 2015.


The fall of Renais

In the castle of Renais, troops from Grado have ruptured the castle. Fearing the safety of his daughter EirikaKing Fado sends his paladin Seth to take Eirika to safety.

Later they meet Franz and Gilliam at Mulan, a border town of Renais and Frelia, and rescue Princess Tana of Frelia. In Frelia they meet King Hayden, who sends his vassals Gilliam, Vanessa, and Moulder to help.

After they pass the village of Ide, they meet a retired war General named Garcia and his son Ross, Eirika's bracelet is purloined, and Seth demands that they recover it. She recovers it from Colm, a derogatory thief, assisted from his tearful archer, Neimi.

In the mean time, Duessel, Selena, and Glen of Grado discuss the odd conduct of Vigarde, the King of Grado. Vigarde establishes new generals to assist in the mastery of the continent: RievCaellach, and Valter.

In the Za'ha Woods, Eirika finds that monsters of old legends have appeared. They meet the monk Artur and his friend Lute, an clever mage and a vibrant young woman named L'Arachel, along with a satirical rogue Rennac, and an exuberant warrior named Dozla.

A man asks Eirika if she's seen a girl with indigo-colored hair. They meet the cleric Natasha, who was made known as a traitor. A myrmidon named Joshua also joins Eirika. After a battle, Natasha tells Eirika and Seth that the emperor of Grado seeks to destroy the Sacred Stones.

Eirika and Ephraim reunite


The Sacred Stones takes place on a continent named Magvel. It is Split into six countries. The countries are Renais, Frelia, Grado, Jehanna, Rausten, and Carcino



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