Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (JP) is the tenth game in the Fire Emblem series. It is sequel to the 2005 GameCube game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, was announced at E3 2006, and was released on the Wii in 2007/2008. The game was developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo.


The game is split into four parts, each focusing on how a different place is three years after the events of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.


The gameplay is very similar to Path of Radiance with a few differences. Units on higher ground do more damage than those at a lower level than at an equal or higher level. Several characters and classes were added, as well as new types of Laguz. Also, there is another level of class added to the existing two, so characters that start out in the first "tier" of classes can change classes twice.

Dark magic was also added. Another feature is that the usual support between characters accessed through base conversations is present, but so is another type of support that temporarily raises certain stats determined by affinity become activated when characters are within three spaces of each other. It also includes 44 chapters, 15 more than Path of Radiance.


All of the playable characters from Path of Radiance (except for Largo) return as playable characters in Radiant Dawn. Here are the starting classes and weapons of all of the playable characters.

First Tier

Class Weapon(s) Upgraded Class Characters in this class
Myrmidon Sword Swordmaster Edward
Soldier Lance Halberdier Aran
Fighter Axe Warrior Nolan
Archer Bow Sniper Leonardo
Armor Sword Sword Sword General Meg
Thunder Mage Thunder Thunder Sage Ilyana
Priest Staff Bishop Laura
Lance Knight Lance Lance Paladin Fiona
Dragonknight Axe Dragonmaster Jill

Second Tier

Class Weapon(s) Upgraded Class Characters in this class
Swordmaster Sword Trueblade Mia, Zihark, Lucia
Halberdier Lance Sentinel Danved, Nephenee
Warrior Axe Reaver Boyd
Sniper Bow Marksman Rolf, Shinon
Axe General Axe, Sword Marshall Brom
Lance General Lance, Axe Marshall Gatrie, Tauroneo
Rogue Knife Whisper Sothe,Heather
Fire Sage Fire, Wind, Thunder Archsage Tormod, Calill
Wind Sage Wind, Thunder, Fire Archsage Soren
Bishop Light, Staff Saint Rhys
Sword Paladin Sword Gold Knight Makalov
Lance Paladin Lance Silver Knight Geoffrey, Oscar
Bow Paladin Bow Silver Knight Astrid
Axe Paladin Axe Gold Knight Kieran, Titania
Falconknight Lance, Sword Seraph Knight Sigrun, Tanith, Marcia
Dragonmaster Axe, Lance Dragonlord Haar
Cleric Sword, Staff Valkyrie Mist

Third Tier

Class Weapon(s) Characters in this class
Trueblade Sword Stefan
Archsage Fire, Thunder, Wind, Staff Bastian
Gold Knight Sword, Axe Renning
Saint Light, Staff Oliver

Special Classes

Class Weapon(s) Upgraded Class Characters in this class
Hero Sword Vanguard Ike
Light Mage Light Light Sage, Light Priestess Micaiah
Assassin Knife None Volke
Dark Sage Dark, Thunder Arch Sage Pelleas
Empress Fire, Thunder, Wind, Light None Sanaki
Chancellor Light, Dark, Staff None Sephiran
Queen Sword, Staff None Elincia
Black Knight Sword, Lance None Black Knight

Laguz Classes

Class Weapon Characters in this class
Lion Fang Skrimir
Lion Great Fang Giffca
Lion King Great Fang Caineghis
Tiger Fang Muarim, Mordecai, Kyza
Cat Claw Lethe, Ranulf, Lyre
Wolf Fang Volug
Wolf Great Fang Nailah
Hawk Talon Janaff, Ulki
Hawk King Great Talon Tibarn
Raven Beak Vika, Nealuchi
Raven King Great Beak Naesala
Heron None Reyson, Rafiel, Leanne
Red Dragon Breath Ena, Gareth
White Dragon Breath Nasir
Dragon Prince Breath Kurthnaga

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Minor antagonists


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